Devoted to imaginative and creative Indian cooking, our contemporary Indian menu offers an amazing blend of Indian flavours and traditional Indian cooking style. When dining with us what you get on the table is a totally different experience which is especially curated for the food lovers of Montreal Quebec.

Exquisite food choices and consistently updated menus have been at the upfront of Resto Cabasyl’s offerings. This season is the same and we’re enchanted to present to you our most up to date dishes, the must-try menu options, including heavenly fusions like Tandoori Salmon, Duck Tikka, and many more. We continually search for new ingredients, flavours and cooking styles to bring you new tastes and experiences. All things considered, we may potentially be the main restaurant in Montreal Quebec today offering the flavours from almost all the regions of India. Come and try the authentic taste of Punjab with us and let us know what you think or how about giving the real taste of Goa a try?

Furthermore, if this isn’t sufficient, we have a pristine Dessert Menu which comprises of the best of the India’s sweet delicacies like Barfi, Gulab Jamun, Ras Malai, Kheer and more. So much and special menu to let you celebrate each and every Indian occasion with a feel of being in your very own country or, as a Montreal Quebec local, you can experience and relish the real and authentic Indian flavours.                                                                                                                                             

Request our amazing team to acquaint you with our new and latest dishes, event bookings, and special deals on lunch buffet. Check out our menu for the home delivery of mouthwatering Indian food.

Hoping to see you soon!